Zoo 2: Animal Park
"Zoo 2: Animal Park" – Immerse yourself in a charming game setting with adorable animals, a riveting story and entertaining quests!
Let yourself be enchanted by this wonderful game. "Zoo 2: Animal Park" puts you in a dreamlike game scenario with cute animals, an exciting story and many entertaining missions. You'll inherit a petting zoo and start with a rabbit, a goat and a horse. As you advance, you'll have to feed the animals, clean the enclosures and later place new animals.

Lovely graphics

In "Zoo 2" you'll inherit a zoo that is very shabby. You'll have to place stores, buy animals and decorate your park. The game shines with the beautiful graphics and the colorful characters. In addition, the animals are very cute to look at. In the first five minutes you get a panda, which has already charmed many players.

Between construction and economic simulation

The more beautiful the park and the more popular the animals are, the more visitors you can attract to your zoo. In "Zoo 2", however, it's not just about placing animals and enclosures. You'll also have to clean the cages and take care of the animal food. It's also important to keep an eye on your money. If your animals are happy, so are the visitors. By the way, they also have wishes, which you can use to see what your zoo needs.

Exciting missions

Awards and missions bring you great rewards. They also provide the variety you need to stay on the ball as long as possible. But since you'll have to keep the park clean and water the flowers, you'll have a lot to do in your zoo.

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"Zoo 2" manages to keep you on the ball the whole time. The cute graphics are designed with great attention to detail. You can also register for free and play for free. Small tasks like collecting the trash, feeding the animals or playing ball with the zoo inhabitants are not only well animated, but also very detailed. The graphics are the special highlight of this free browser game. Zoom in very close to the animals. They are lovingly designed and very cute to look at.