Raid: Shadow Legends
"Raid: Shadow Legends" – Fight your way through a graphically stunning, realistic fantasy RPG world with hundreds of champions.
Things are not looking good for the world of Teleria. Dark hordes threaten the continents and apart from a few heroes, hardly anyone can face this darkness. You are the exception. You are one of the chosen ones who can counteract the evil of Teleria in the free role-playing game "Raid: Shadow Legends".

Choose your hero

"Raid: Shadow Legends" is primarily a traditional RPG adventure, and you'll experience the beginning of an adventure for a group of young heroes. Here you'll take control and guide your group through a variety of adventures. You'll be assisted by powerful crystals that hold the essence of unique heroes for you. Little by little, you'll face increasingly tricky tasks and battles, and eventually it will become apparent whether you have what it takes to drive the evil out of Teleria. Whether you choose the elven archer, the fierce orc barbarian or the heavily armored templar, your adventure has just begun.

Excellent graphics and sound

If there's one point where "Raid: Shadow Legends" doesn't have to hide, it's in the audiovisual area. The dialogs of the heroes and other characters are dubbed by professional voice actors throughout the campaign, and when you fight on the battlefield, the sparks really fly. Character and combat animations in "Raid: Shadow Legends" are truly first-rate.

Forge your own team

Throughout your adventure, you'll meet new heroes whose abilities you can put to your service with the help of Teleria's guardian spirit. In this way, you'll gradually build your own mix of special heroes whose talents are suitable for a variety of opponents. You'll always be able to create new teams to overcome opponents. Knowing who can help you and in what situation is another component that an experienced player must master in "Raid: Shadow Legends".

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"Raid: Shadow Legends" is a game that doesn't have to hide. Rather, it sets new standards in the area of graphics and sound and sets the bar pretty high here. Apart from that, "Raid: Shadow Legends" presents itself as a traditional role-playing game that has countless different heroes with even more abilities and gives you more than one good reason to play it every day. An appealing combat system rounds out the overall package, which is a must for RPG fans.