Goodgame Big Farm
"Goodgame Big Farm" – Conquer the exciting country life with your own farm.
In "Big Farm" you'll be a farmer and take care of all the tasks such as harvesting your fields and raising pigs and cows. You'll also have to show economic skill to sell the goods you produce. Thus, you'll be able to develop your production facilities and expand your farm until you become the largest farmer far and wide.

Everyday life on the farm

In the free farm game you'll take on the role of an eager farmer and have to manage and expand his farm. You have various tasks to complete and need both a suitable strategy and the necessary skills. Therefore, even a single day on a farm is not a piece of cake. You'll have to build farms, fields and buildings, collect the harvest and feed the animals. Of course, you have to sell your own products and goods at the market for a profit. And if the animals are well taken care of, they will even reproduce, which is why your screen will soon be full of little rabbits or pigs.

Useful helpers

Of course, you don't have to do all these tasks alone. In "Big Farm" you have a large number of different farm helpers and workers at your disposal. Of course, the workers have their own needs and you have to take care of them. If the workers are not satisfied, they go on strike and work less, for example. This reduces productivity in individual buildings and farms. Therefore, only happy workers are hard workers.

A strong community

"Big Farm" is a classic browser game in which you can form alliances with other players. In these farming communities you'll benefit from various team advantages that can be used in production. For example, there are some tasks where you have to produce a certain number of fruits within a certain period of time. Of course, this is much easier as a team. The alliances also allow you to get to know other players and make friends.

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Do you want to be a real farmer, but don't have the time and space for a real farm? Then just slip into the role of a real farmer in the free farming game "Big Farm". The free farming game "Big Farm" offers you much more besides the definitely cute graphics and intuitive controls and operation. "Big Farm" is a lot of fun in the long run and always knows how to motivate you. You'll never get bored on the farm. We can definitely recommend "Big Farm" to all casual gamers and players of almost any age who are looking for an entertaining alternative to battle-based games.