Forge of Empires
"Forge of Empires" – The free strategy game where you can lead your empire to eternal glory.
In the browser game "Forge of Empires" you can create your own empire and experience history from the Stone Age through the different centuries. Develop your buildings and build a gigantic empire with the help of well thought-out strategic campaigns that are second to none.

Masses of tasks and quests

"Forge of Empires" always offers you special missions in addition to the everyday tasks as a ruler. In these tasks you'll wander with your heroes through the surrounding lands and fight against bandits, find new resources and thus always increase your sphere of influence. You receive your missions via a special mission map, where you can see your empire and the surrounding territories. Here it is especially fulfilling to see your empire grow and prosper over time.

Diverse historical epochs

In "Forge of Empires" you start in the Stone Age and have only a few buildings to choose from. Accordingly, your subjects initially live in wooden huts and wear the most primitive garments. To leave the primitive Stone Age behind, you'll have to complete various missions and research different technologies. Naturally, with each new era the appearance of the empire changes: buildings become more modern and advanced, and the citizens also become more civilized. Therefore, the change of historical eras with completely different buildings is especially exciting and provides a lot of variety in the gameplay.

Make your people happy

As the head of your kingdom, you are responsible for all kinds of tasks. A good ruler, of course, takes time for the everyday needs of his subjects, so one of your tasks is to always provide your people with enough food or enough space to live. If you neglect your subjects too much, they won't pay taxes or will emigrate, leaving you with an empire without people. "Happy" subjects also have the advantage of working and researching more effectively for you, which is the basis for a prosperous empire. So always keep the needs of your subjects in mind.

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The free strategy browser game "Forge of Empires" is certainly one of the top games on the market, which is why it is already one of the classics of the browser game world. Due to its diverse possibilities, good graphic implementation and historical basis, it is a truly coherent strategy game. "Forge of Empires" can also be played completely for free and only requires a straightforward, quick registration. So play the MMO game of the year 2013 now and become the ruler of the most powerful empire ever!