"Elvenar" – A beautiful fantasy world where you can rule either as a human or an elf.
In "Elvenar" you'll be able to take on the role of either humans or elves, while taking care of all the areas of your settlement. As you explore the hidden areas near your settlement, you'll encounter both dangers and riches. To become the most powerful ruler in all of "Elvenar", you'll have to find the right balance between your military and economic growth.

Prove your economic knowledge

With the free fantasy browser game "Elvenar" you can finally enter an exciting fantasy world. In the beginning you only have your town hall, some money and a few building materials. Now you have to start transforming your small piece of land into a thriving settlement as soon as possible. To do this, you'll have to find the right balance between the satisfaction of your inhabitants, taxes, your economy and the strength of your army. Some actions in "Elvenar" take time, and the game is very much based on the popular representatives of classic business simulations.

Science brings power

It is important that you always have an advantage over your competitors and that you regularly improve your existing barracks and factories. That's why you need to look for new technologies like iron processing as soon as possible. The same applies to the civilian industries in "Elvenar". Here, too, the possibilities are very diverse. For example, the technology tree contains numerous different technologies that can be unlocked individually during the game.

Explore the interesting world and collect ancient treasures

One of the most important features is sending scouts to explore the surroundings. When you visit these discovered places, you'll have a great chance to come across rare relics, special resources or treasures. With these, you can expand your settlement even better. Unfortunately, the especially valuable relics are very often guarded by strong enemies. But you can either bribe them or fight them. With a little practice, your chances of winning without major losses are all the higher.

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"Elvenar" has a very special and relaxed atmosphere, in which you can completely immerse yourself. While you are busy building your settlement, you listen to the sounds of harmonious music. Besides the harmonious atmosphere, the huge technology tree, the complex economic system, the large game world and the exciting tasks also speak for "Elvenar". In this game you can become a respected merchant, improve your productions and lead your troops to victory in exciting 3D battles!